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Waldo Lake



Activity: Kayaking, Scenic Views

Date: June 3, 2020

What a wonderful day to be experiencing Oregon at it’s best. I joined my good friend and Fraternity Brother Bruce for several days of journeying into incredible beauty, as he hosted these first days of Summer “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“. Our days were filled with some of the bluest skies you’ll ever see, stunning views of the snow capped Cascade Mountains and on this day from a kayak, surrounded by deep sapphire blue water.

Waldo Lake is the second largest and second deepest natural lake in Oregon. It’s waters are some of the purest and cleanest on earth. On a calm day it is said that you can see over 100 feet deep. The lake is a little less than 6 miles long by 3 miles wide, and the nearest major city is Eugene about 70 miles south. Waldo Lake is surrounded by thick, green, lush forests of Douglas Firs and Western Hemlock, and it is a perfect spot for hiking, mountain biking, camping, swimming and kayaking.

It was early in the season, as we did hit a few patches of snow driving along our route, but it was crazy that we had this big beautiful lake all to ourselves. We launched from Shadow Bay and we only saw a few other people- some hikers and a mountain biker. There was a light, but building breeze as we paddled through the indigo water, and took in views of the mountains to include Broken Top, South Sister and Middle Sister. We headed across the lake against the wind thinking if it really came up strong that it would be at our back for our return trip. We also figured that once we got to the other shore the forest would provide a wind break as well. We put in some miles as we struck out for Rhododendron Island which wasn’t in bloom, but full of natural beauty just the same. We circumnavigated the small island taking pictures and video to recreate Bruce’s daughter‘s perfect day, which the two experienced last year together.

If timing is everything then it sounds like we hit the nail on the head. Not only was the weather perfect, but it sounded like we dodged a bullet. We kayaked Hosmer Lake earlier in the morning, and met a Stand Up Paddle Boarder that told us his favorite lake was Waldo Lake because of it’s vast beauty and it’s deep blue water, but that he would never go there again due to the mosquitos. Well, we seemed to have escaped that issue. We experienced none of that, although we did bring the insecticide and head nets. The hikers we encountered in the parking lot, who make this an annual pilgrimage, said that this is the perfect time to come. It is all timing when everything just opens up with the snow melt and before the mosquitos are out in force.

The water was amazing, the scenery was stunning, the exercise was perfect, recanting our college days was awesome, what a great time! When can we do it again?

The pictures you always hear don’t do the experience justice, nor does video clips, but video is a little closer because of the moment of water.
Worry less, paddle more.

Thanks for joining Bruce and I as we paddled- “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“, on this pristine and gorgeous lake in the Wilds of Central Oregon. It doesn’t matter the question a little wilderness is the answer. Good, friends, paddles, blue sky, blue water- “Ya’ Just Gotta Love It!“ Bruce and I still have adventures left to put to pen. So make sure that you COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE– you don’t want to miss a single moment to be inspired by nature. Hopefully this will get you out there in the wilderness taking it all in. It’s good for the soul. Need a hat like my PBTA logo cap? The answer is yes you do, lol. SHOP APPAREL. Need adventure? Again same answer- yes you do, so go to the menu- there are suggestions for adventures all over the West. Each of the locations has a separate website and you should check them out. They all need to be FOLLOWED independently.

See you in the great outdoors,

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

Todd Lake Loop Trail



Activity: Day Hike

Date: August 29, 2019

Distance > 2 miles, 82’ elevation change, 90 minutes duration, rated Easy

When I arrived at Todd Lake I knew there was a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. I thought that I could get in and out of this hike quickly before the storm. When I arrived there were nice views of the lake and the neighboring mountains Broken Top and Mount Bachelor. There was a little sun beaming through the clouds, but all of that was about to change. Quickly clouds rolled in masking the mountain views, a few claps of thunder, a flicker of lightening and then the heavens opened up and I got a pretty healthy down pour. I was prepared in my sailing foul weather gear jacket so there was nothing to do but enjoy Oregon’s “liquid sunshine” after all that is why everything is so plush and green.

Hearing the rain on the lake, seeing the puddles collect on the trail, feeling the damp air, the breeze through the firs, the scent of freshness mixed with a dank whiff of wet decaying wood really lets you experience the Oregon Wilderness.

Trailhead parking is $5 unless you have a NW Forest Pass or other excepted annual passes. Todd Lake is a great little hike for the whole family. Very scenic even on a stormy day, so I can only imagine how beautiful it would be on one of the picture perfect Blue Bird Central Oregon days. The trail is delightfully forested, with views of the lake and mountains. On the far end is sort of a marsh meadow area. I found what I will call a little feeder stream filled with tadpoles. Fun little hike.

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.” -Vivian Greene    
Todd Lake with Mount Bachelor in the background

Todd Lake, in the Deschutes National Forest, is a great place to be ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’, won’t you join me next time for another journey? You can do so by FOLLOWING, SHARING, LIKING, and COMMENTING.

Happy Trails, Roger Jenkins, Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

Additional Video Clips from Todd Lake

Paulina Peak Trail



Activity: Day Hike

Date: August 27, 2019

Distance: 6 miles, 1,600’ elevation gain, 3.5 hours duration, rated Difficult

Paulina Peak Trail is a wonderful hike from lakeside at Paulina Lake, through a delightful forest. The first mile is easy, as you hike through thick forest, but progressively gets more difficult as it rises in elevation. The trees get larger and more spread out. By mile three you know it’s difficult when your heels don’t touch with each step and your breathing is accelerated. Pictures, of course, never show the incline. Finally the peak comes into view over the greenery of the forested land. As you rise even higher in altitude the White Pine becomes the predominant vegetation. There are some nice educational pieces regarding this species near the top. The scenic view of the blue lakes, both Paulina Lake and East Lake, along with the magnificent Cascade range in the distance takes you aback, it is a sensational experience.

Once on top, at an Elevation closing in on 8000’, the vista is amazing in every direction. In my title shot can be seen the Three Sisters, a bit of Broken Top, and Mt. Bachelor. Besides the sight of the exquisite Cascades from Mt. Adams all the way to Mt. McLoughlin, Paulina Lake and East Lake, you have a nice view peering down on the Obsidian Flow. Paulina Peak is the highest point of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument and dozens of small cinder cones can be seen rising from the volcanic plain surrounding the Newberry Crater.

This makes the Paulina Peak Trail a must do. The humorous thing is that I could have driven to see this spectacular view. I was disappointed that after hiking a strenuous trail to find at the peak there was a parking lot. So I good naturedly ribbed a guy and his young teen son’s about them driving while I hiked up a tough trail. He replied, “Good for your heart.” Which I thought was nice, but then he added, “You need it, you are not skinny.” Okay… I thought that might have been a step to far, lol. But everyone can certainly use more exercise and that is part of what Pursuing Balance Through Adventure is all about.

Life is like a mountain, hard to hike, but once you get to the top, the view is beautiful.

Thank you ever so much for joining me ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ to the top of Paulina Peak. Let’s meet up again and the way to do that is LIKE, FOLLOW, COMMENT, and SHARE.

Roger Jenkins, Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

Ya’ Just Gotta’ luv’ it!
Now this is what I am talking about.