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Scappoose Bay Marine Park

Warren, Oregon (Not far from Portland)

Activity: Kayaking

Date: 9-5-22

My good friend Scott Cohn hosted me for a few days in Portland while I prepared to circumnavigate Mt Hood via the Timberline Trail. Scott and I took to Scappoose Bay off of the Columbia River on a kayak adventure.

It was a perfect day to be out on the calm waters surrounded by tree line banks with a sweet view of Mt Saint Helens right down the waterway.

The kayaks cut through the water with ease as we put our backs into it releasing the Stress of the outside world, shoulders and arms working seeking to find that Balance that my friend certainly needs in his very busy work as a Property Manager at Alder Property Management. Kayaks, the best of friends, blue water, blue sky, paddles and Mt Saint Helens. Ya’ just gotta’ luv it!

Then is was off to our next big adventure of the day, ‘Sailing on the Mighty Columbia’.

Go with the Flow

Thanks for joining Scott and I as we paddled- “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“, on this pleasant day of kayaking in NW Oregon. It doesn’t matter the question a little physical activity in the great outdoors is the answer. So make sure that you COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE– you don’t want to miss a single moment to be inspired by nature. Hopefully this will get you out there in the outdoors taking it all in. It’s good for the soul. Need adventure wear? The answer is yes you do, lol. Please see SHOP APPAREL. Need adventure? Again same answer- yes you do, so go to the menu- there are suggestions for adventures all over the West. Each of the locations has a separate website and you should check them out. They all need to be FOLLOWED independently as they are separate websites.

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure