Timberline Trail Day 3


Activity: Multi Day Backpacking Trip

42 miles, 10,630’ elevation gain, 4 days out, rated HARD

Date: 6/7-10/22

Day 3

12 Miles with 1950’ Elevation Gain

We awoke to once again to the bright blue bird, picture perfect, skies that we had become accustom to. However, as the day progressed we started getting smoke in the sky from nearby wildfires which would stick with us for the rest of our trip. Luckily it stayed high and we only experienced whiffs of smoke over the following days.

This was the first time that I had cell service in a couple days, so I checked in with my Safety Group that was following our expedition around Mount Hood. I informed them that even though I expected this journey to be tough, it was harder than I had anticipated, but oh so beautiful, and so worth the passage.

This day brought beautiful scenes of the top of Mount Hood peaking through the forests. There were more water crossings and lots of elevation gain however, this portion was much more of a descent, in fact the elevation lost was more than double.

There was another cool little survival shelter this one at Ladd Glacier.

I saw a few long distance trail runners. To run 42 miles all at once seems crazy. He greeted me as he ran by, “I’m committed now!” Indeed he was as this was about the half way mark.

I saw multiple long distance trail runners. To run 42 miles, and might I add with large elevation gains and descents, rough steep rocky trail, along with treacherous water crossings, all at once seems insane to me. I will point out that at least they don’t have to carry a heavy pack. But that is because they aren’t staying the night(s)! I snapped this picture of a runner who greeted me and as he passed by he exclaimed, “I am committed now!” Since this was about the halfway mark, he was indeed.

One of the special stops of this trek, around Mount Hood, is spectacular Romona Falls. Pictures and even the video don’t really capture it’s intoxicating enchantment. The lighting in the late afternoon was too bright for my pictures to be what I wanted, but I promise that the ones I took the following morning were better. I will save those for my Timberline Day 4 post. Hopefully you will feel an inkling of what quickly put me at ease enough that I forget my tired legs and blistered feet. In the mean time I borrowed a pic from Instagrammer Traci Wilgus for my cover shot. It was heavenly to drift off to dream land, in a such a dream land, to the sound of tumbling cascades of water.

No, this is not a distortion in my picture… that was actually a rainbow in the mist.
How about that chasing waterfalls and rainbows all in one.
The best way to see moving water is through moving pictures. CLICK THE PIC! Pursuing Balance Through Adventure YouTube Channel
“Waterfall, nothing can harm me at all, my worries seem so very small, with my waterfall.  
I can see my rainbow calling me through the misty breeze of my waterfall.” –  Jimi Hendrix 

My friend Through Hiker Anthony King and I appreciate you joining us as we were ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ in the wild backcountry that is the Oregon’s fabulous Timberline Trail. Day 1, Day 2, Final DayThere is still yet one more day of this exploration so join us for the next episode by doing this: COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE. If you go up to the menu you will discover that Mt Hood, as splendid as it is, makes up only one wonder of a West that is full of wonders. The menu is categorized mostly by location and our hope is that it will inspire you to hit the trail, beach, river, lake or ocean so that you will be on a journey seeking that Balance that Nature surely helps bring back into our lives that so desperately need it. You will need Adventure Wear for this journey so check out PTBA SHOP APPAREL.

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure


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